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Top Expensive Websites

# Domain Name ($) Worth
1 vk.com http://www.vk.com $ 19,839,401,771
2 moodle.org http://www.moodle.org $ 19,304,962,871
3 bbpress.org http://www.bbpress.org $ 14,332,476,878
4 images.google.com http://www.images.google.com $ 13,730,137,070
5 play.google.com http://www.play.google.com $ 13,263,317,870
6 books.google.com http://www.books.google.com $ 12,722,942,570
7 yahoo.com http://www.yahoo.com $ 12,610,111,865
8 feeds.feedburner.com http://www.feeds.feedburner.com $ 12,089,877,114
9 mediawiki.org http://www.mediawiki.org $ 11,876,614,838
10 sourceforge.net http://www.sourceforge.net $ 11,445,566,582
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